1. Assess

Our analytics-based approach will help you understand the full scope of your printing.

Connex Systems Six Part MethodologyOur analytics-based approach will help you understand the full scope of your printing environment from emails printing on desktop printers to customer facing collaterals printed offsite. Our process includes interviews with key business stakeholders and the tools developed by Xerox that incorporate thin, thick and cloud-based technology for local, regional and global analysis. This means we can work in whatever environment you have. The operating and environment details we capture, including industry-specific benchmarking, are used to create a consolidated presentation that is the baseline for an assessment.

Accurate savings analytics start with detailed knowledge of your current operating environment and a thorough assessment of your document workflow. We get this insight by:

  • Helping you understand current total cost of ownership (TCO) and current costs. We use a structured quick, full or custom project-based Print Assessment Service and tailor it to your needs.
  • Evaluating current operating costs and performance of any in-place printing equipment and the potential savings opportunities.
  • Evaluating cost of printing jobs being produced off-site and potential savings, productivity or turnaround time benefits of producing key applications on-site.
  • Assessing your current operations in terms of overall power and carbon consumption, including paper and trees.
  • Understand specific requirements of key business stakeholders.
  • Identify specific security and integration requirements.
  • Identify key business processes where workflow simplification is a priority.

More on the Connex Methodology

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1. Assess

Learn about our analytics-based approach to assessing your current document workflows, operating costs and more.

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3. Secure

By partnering with industry leaders like Cisco and McAfee, we can protect your systems and documents from unwanted access and theft. Find out more here.

4. Integrate

Get details on how we can make your systems function better as a whole. We can help you connect everything on your network with minimal inconvenience.

5. Automate & Simplify

Through free apps and industry-specific solutions, we can help you streamline your in-house and remote workflows. Learn more here.

6. Manage

Discover how Connex Systems can increase your productivity through automated supply ordering and service dispatch.

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