2. Optimize

Connex Systems 6 Part MethodologyMaximize Productivity with the Connex Methodology

At Connex Systems, we specialize in optimizing your company’s printing processes. We start by verifying costs and requirements with you. Once we do that, we’ll recommend an equipment solution that balances the convenience of desktop printers against the cost savings and productivity of centralized or workgroup printing.

What Connex Systems Gives You

Connex Systems give you an intelligent, dynamic solution by:

  • Providing solution modeling and real-time, what-if scenarios that allow you to see both current and future costs and savings
  • Reviewing the benefits of our proposed solutions against your actual devices and work site layout
  • Planning out future designs that capture, incorporate and validate against stakeholder demands
  • Identifying which of your core business applications require control or specialized processing, equipment and/or personnel

As part of our proposal, we evaluate the benefits of centralizing your processes. Centralization can deliver enormous benefits for your organization: It can maximize your productivity and output quality while minimizing your cost per document. Industries that have typically benefitted from centralization include:

If you have outsourced applications, we can help you figure out how to get them done in-house. This will save you time and money and boost your productivity even further. Our analytics will also enable you to have more substantive conversations and develop actionable plans easier.

More on the Connex Methodology

Check out these pages for more details on the Connex Methodology:

1. Assess

Learn about our analytics-based approach to assessing your current document workflows, operating costs and more.

2. Optimize

Learn how we align all of your solutions for greater and continuous productivity.

3. Secure

By partnering with industry leaders like Cisco and McAfee, we can protect your systems and documents from unwanted access and theft. Find out more here.

4. Integrate

Get details on how we can make your systems function better as a whole. We can help you connect everything on your network with minimal inconvenience.

5. Automate & Simplify

Through free apps and industry-specific solutions, we can help you streamline your in-house and remote workflows. Learn more here.

6. Manage

Discover how Connex Systems can increase your productivity through automated supply ordering and service dispatch.

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