2. Optimize your fleet

After we’ve assessed your entire printing environment, we can help you take steps to optimize your operations. This involves finding a balance between desktop printers, which have the highest TCO; and production printers, which have the lowest TCO. We can:

  • Provide desktop printers to the employees who need them
  • Set up workgroup printers, which can balance your cost control and convenience needs
  • Centralize volume for complex or long run jobs

Connex Systems also assists you in determining the right balance of new and old equipment for your workplace. You'll be able to manage your costs better and keep productivity consistently high.

More on Managed Print Services

MPS from Connex Systems can help improve every aspect of your printing practices. We can show you to protect your sensitive information better and streamline your workflows. For more information, go to the pages listed below:

1. Assess Your Fleet

We gain an understanding of your current printing practices.

2. Optimize Your Fleet

We find the right balance between desktop printers and workgroup printers.

3. Secure Your Fleet

We make your fleet more secure.

4. Integrate Your Fleet

Connex can integrate your printers and multifunction systems with the rest of your network.

5. Automate Your Fleet

We can develop customized and industry-specific integrations for your network.

6. Manage Your Fleet

Managing your printers and supplies becomes easier than ever with our help.

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