Enhancing Customer Experience for the Banking Industry

Digital technology has created exciting opportunities for the banking industry. Connex Systems has solutions to help you:

  • Open and manage accounts in minimal time
  • Process applications and other documents effortlessly
  • Find important information whenever you need it
  • Comply with industry regulations easier

How Connex Systems Can Help

Connex Systems’ available solutions for the banking industry include:

MFP Workflow App Customization Service

With the MFP Workflow App Customization Service, you can improve your productivity, your document security, and your operating expenses. We can help you scan and send your files with minimal effort.

Workflow Automation Solution – Loan Application Processing

We can also provide you with Xerox’s Workflow Automation solution for Loan Application Processing. This outstanding solution allows you to:

  • Minimize the errors on loan applications
  • Cut down the time needed to process applications
  • Improve customer and employee satisfaction
Document Processing Services

Connex Systems can help your organization streamline their document processes as a whole. We can assess your workflows and find areas for improvement. From there, we can fine-tune your procedures for:

  • Capturing information from different sources
  • Reviewing and routing this information
  • Storing and distributing documents

More Industry Solutions

Connex Systems has solutions for several other industries. Check out the pages listed below for details:


Our available Banking solutions let you open and manage accounts quicker, adhere to regulations easier and much more.


Scanning, storing and accessing patient records become simpler and more secure with our Healthcare solutions.


From underwriting to claims adjustment, our available Insurance solutions can streamline your company’s daily processes.


Integrate your systems, protect your R&D documents and achieve much more with our Manufacturing solutions.


Our Education solutions make it far easier for educators and administrators to handle admissions, financial aid and several other processes.

Attorneys and their staff can print, review and protect documents easier with our Legal solutions.

Graphic Communication

If you work in Graphic Communication, our hardware and solutions can help you print a diverse range of documents with reliable efficiency and consistency.


We offer an assortment of solutions to help different government agencies handle meetings, process requests and serve the public better.


Our Retail solutions make it easier for you to handle your supply chain, vendor management, and onboarding processes better.


We also have solutions to help Transportation agencies and companies handle their programs and fleets with far greater ease.

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