Helping Educators Work with Students

People who work in higher education need to deal with an enormous amount of information. Connex Systems’ solutions make this easy to do. We can help you speed up your decision-making processes, communicate easier and much more.

How Connex Systems Helps

Connex Systems helps educators and administrators by providing solutions for:


Our workflow solutions let you:

  • Match, complete and route files automatically
  • Search applicant and admissions files with fantastic efficiency
  • Create and send communications to students automatically
Financial Aid

You can make all your financial aid processes much faster. You’ll be able to:

  • Answer student and parent questions faster
  • See all important information and data in one place
  • Make decisions faster
  • Send out award letters quicker
Student Billing

Bursars’ offices can work faster with our solutions. You can send emails and schedule phone calls and capture invoices automatically. At the same time, students and parents can make payments easier.

Transcript & Registrar Processing

Our solutions can make course registration and transcript evaluation painless. Enrolling in classes and graduating will become a far smoother process.

Student Advising

You’ll be able to track every call, note, email and meeting with a student. You can also monitor their progress and keep their information secure.

More Industry Solutions

Several industries can benefit from Connex Systems’ solutions. To find out more, go to the following pages:


Our available Banking solutions let you open and manage accounts quicker, adhere to regulations easier and much more.


Scanning, storing and accessing patient records become simpler and more secure with our Healthcare solutions.


From underwriting to claims adjustment, our available Insurance solutions can streamline your company’s daily processes.


Integrate your systems, protect your R&D documents and achieve much more with our Manufacturing solutions.


Our Education solutions make it far easier for educators and administrators to handle admissions, financial aid and several other processes.

Attorneys and their staff can print, review and protect documents easier with our Legal solutions.

Graphic Communication

If you work in Graphic Communication, our hardware and solutions can help you print a diverse range of documents with reliable efficiency and consistency.


We offer an assortment of solutions to help different government agencies handle meetings, process requests and serve the public better.


Our Retail solutions make it easier for you to handle your supply chain, vendor management, and onboarding processes better.


We also have solutions to help Transportation agencies and companies handle their programs and fleets with far greater ease.

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