Impact of Old Printers

The Older They Get, the More Expensive They Get

Connex Systems' team has worked in the office solutions industry for decades. We've seen a lot of printers and other devices come and go in that time. If our experience has shown us anything, it's this: Printers may get older, but they don't get cheaper.

Once a printer goes out of production, manufacturers try to squeeze every last dollar from that model:

  • The price of supplies goes up by 15% annually
  • The price of service for the printer goes up 15% annually
  • Lease and service contracts for that model increase by 15% annually

Don't plan on getting by with compatible supplies either:

  • Each new model has different supplies
  • Microchips make it more expensive to duplicate supplies
  • Manufacturers charge licensing fees for their technology

Energy Costs of Old Printers

Stack of Hundred Dollar BillsJust by having an old printer plugged in, it can cost you more money than a newer model would.

An older printer requires more energy than newer printers do. This is true whether it's in use or in sleep/standby mode. Research has shown that a 20 year-old model can end up costing you almost 15 times more than a comparable new device.

Security Risks of Old Printers

Not only are old printers more expensive, they're more vulnerable to information theft:

  • Anyone can access them (no authentication features).
  • They have unsecure hard drives.
  • They don't have image overwrite.
  • They don't have firmware updates.
  • They can't meet industry certifications for security (Common Criteria, HIPAA, PCI).

Compatibility Headaches

To make matters worse, old printers won't play well with newer computers and servers. The drivers of old printers can't support recent Windows versions (Windows 10, Windows Server 2012/2012 r2/2016).

In addition to this, new security standards and updates make connectivity difficult if not impossible. These standards include:

  • Network Connectivity
  • Email/SMTP
  • LDAP Authentication/Search
  • Scan to Network Folder
  • Fax Server Integration

No Web/Mobile Workflow Automation

Technological advances create exciting possibilities for getting work done. Unfortunately, old printers can keep you from realizing them:

  • Old printers can't support mobile printing.
  • You can't scan to or print from common web services (Office365, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) with older printers.
  • Old printers don't support industry-specific integrations or custom integrations.

How Managed Print Services Can Help

Connex Systems' Managed Print Services can help relieve all of the headaches associated with older printers:

  • We can assess your current printing solution and help you find a balance between old and new models.
  • We can show you how to protect your devices and your sensitive information.
  • You can get one point of contact for all of your devices and supplies.
  • You won't need to stop working due to backordered supplies.
  • We offer fast, effective service for your printers.
  • You'll get one invoice for all the printers covered under MPS.
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