Xerox ConnectKey

Xerox ConnectKey

One Powerful, Easy-to-Use Platform for Your Office

Connex Systems offers clients an extremely wide range of Xerox office systems and production print solutions. But despite this diversity, all of these products employ one powerful platform: ConnectKey®.

ConnectKey provides a seamless, integrated experience for users and IT staff throughout your workplace. You can use it across your office's entire product line, including:

  • Your Desktops
  • Your Workgroups
  • Your Centralized Servers
  • Your Network Printers
  • Your Multifunction Systems

User-Friendly Interface

Xerox ConnectKey

ConnectKey's reengineered user interface gives you a truly intuitive experience:

  • You can use it the same way that you'd use the touchscreens on your smartphone or tablet (swipe, scroll, tap).
  • You can optimize convenience and productivity through total customization.

Cutting-Edge Data Security

Xerox ConnectKey

With ConnectKey's powerful security features, you can trust that the wrong people won't access your devices and information. These features include:

  • Document Security
  • Storage Encryption
  • Easy Integration with Cisco® Identity Services Engine
  • Secure Print (comes with print queue deletion)
  • Secure Email (includes TLS 1.2)
  • Common Access Card Support
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Authentication, Authorization and Accounting Features

Easy Cloud/Mobile Connectivity

Xerox ConnectKey

ConnectKey allows you to connect easily to:

  • Dropbox
  • Office 365
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • PaperCut
  • Equitrac Office
  • Mopria

You can install Cloud Connectors easily via the Xerox App Gallery and print directly from your mobile devices.

Automated, Simplified Business Processes

Xerox ConnectKey

Using ConnectKey can truly transform the way you work. You can simplify and automate workflows for:

  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Document Capture and Conversion
  • Invoice Processing
  • Patient Records

ConnectKey can expand and integrate easily with:

  • CRM Systems
  • ERP Systems
  • Customized Business Process Apps

It supports standards across your fleet for:

  • Secure Card Authentication
  • Remote Configuration
  • Device Cloning
  • Device Usage/Billing/Status

Outstanding Printer Fleet Management

Xerox ConnectKey

ConnectKey makes it easy to manage who uses your printers and how they use them:

  • It supports many common card solutions.
  • You can configure device access by users or groups.
  • You can track usage on your printers by users or groups.
  • You can keep print jobs from going through until you're at the device.