Xerox eConcierge

Order Supplies and Get Service for Your Equipment

At Connex Systems, we want to make sure you get what you need to stay productive every business day. With Xerox eConciergeTM, you can order supplies for your printers quickly and whenever you need them. Not only is it easy to install and use, you don't even need to have Xerox equipment to use the service--eConcierge also supports equipment from:

  • Lexmark
  • HP
  • Samsung

​In addition to providing supplies, eConcierge gives you free, lifetime service coverage on all your Xerox equipment. You can have your supplies sent to you, keep your devices working properly and focus on running your business.

What Xerox eConcierge Gives You

Xerox eConcierge comes with:

  • Alerts when your printers are running low on toner
  • One-click supply ordering
  • Support for devices from numerous leading manufacturers
  • Free service awards for supply purchases (available only for eligible Xerox devices)
  • Absolutely no contracts or obligations

How Xerox eConcierge Works

Installing and using Xerox eConcierge takes only three steps:

  • Setup: You locate and connect with printers on your network. You can give your devices nicknames too to keep track of them easier (or just for fun).
  • Monitor: eConcierge runs in the background on one or more computers and spots when your supplies are running low.
  • Order: When you need more supplies, you can go online and order more with a few clicks of your mouse.

You can register for eConcierge here.

You can log into eConcierge here.